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We created a commercial to be shown for a local movie theatre. Spooner Health provided the audio overlay, and this is something we can also provide for you. These videos are powerful in connecting an organization's service to potential clients, and in this case, patients. We also modified this video for social media use that the organization was able to use. 

For those golf fanatics, Siren National Golf Course hired us to develop videos of each course hole using our Drone footage to give current and prospective customers an idea of what to expect when they golf. Located in Northwest Wisconsin, this course boasts rich greens and a great variety of terrain and landscape views. We also edited a promotional video for their website and social media use.

We created a Cinematic highlight film for Legacy Builders to help promote their amazing family owned business. We're releasing a full length film this summer with them but their story is inspiring and we were very excited to help share it! 

This project was a second collaboration effort with Grantsburg School District to show at their school Faculty Follies Show. The students LOVE seeing themselves in the video and it also provides an amazing overview of all the students, staff, and elements it takes with a day at a School District. Faculty wish their students the very best and truly do desire for their students to 'have it all'. 

Cady Cheese Store is located in Wilson, WI. We were hired to make a product & service promotional video to show prospective customers all that they have to offer. They have the BEST cheese curds and ice-cream!

Recipe video created for Spry Content.

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