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Today's BOGO:

The BOGO BOX includes the Buy oils:

Turmeric 15 mL

Tea Tree 15 mL

Island Mint 15 mL

Deep Blue® Soothing Blend 5 mL

Melissa 5 mL

-Six additional oils!

-An oil box

Today's BOGO:

BUY Turmeric

GET Cheer

Today's BOGO:

BUY Tea Tree

GET Citronella

Today's BOGO:

BUY Island Mint

GET Purify

Today's BOGO:

BUY Deep Blue Oil

GET PastTense

Today's BOGO:

BUY Melissa

GET Roman Chamomile + Yellow Mandarin



Welcome! The best way that you can save money is through becoming a wholesale customer with doTERRA. This saves you 25% on every order for an entire year!

Here are the ways that you can purchase:


You can always select the BOGO of the day on our site and pay retail costs but we love a great deal, and the wholesale membership is an amazing deal!!!

Purchase at retail costs


doTERRA has a July 2020 Promo right now called 'Summer Splash'. When you spend $150 before taxes and shipping and you purchase a $35 membership (which we will gift back to you via e-transfer), you can earn $50 back in free credit to use to purchase doTERRA oils anytime after August 20th! That's $85 in savings!

Enroll by purchasing an enrollment kit and save extra money or purchase $115 of product and add on a $35 membership to qualify. 


Purchase the BOGO OF THE DAY + Purchase a $35 membership 

To qualify for this promotion, your order must be at least $150 before taxes and shipping. The $35 enrollment fee will count towards the $150.

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