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A Little Goes A Long Way

Part of the dream in starting our own business together, was to use our business as a catalyst to make a difference in this world for good! We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing, and the amazing thing about Stavne Media is that for every single dollar of revenue that comes in, a portion of that goes to causes that we care deeply about. One of our financial business foundations that set us up to be able to do this is the Profit First Strategy.

Twice A Year, 50% of our profit goes to different non-profits that are making an incredible impact locally/globally towards causes that we care deeply about. This is just the beginning and we cannot wait to see how our Stavne Media community can create an incredible impact and legacy in the years to come!

To our Stavne Media community! Thank you for your support!!! This would NOT be possible without you!


TRUE HOPE - Ukraine

The vision of True Hope is to break the cycle of abandonment in the lives of orphans and to see them live and thrive independently with the knowledge that they are valuable and loved.

VENTURE - Global

We serve in areas of the world that are the least reached and least resourced by partnering with local leaders in those communities to end some of the worlds greatest injustices.



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