Ideas for Planning A Virtual Showing

At the time of this post, our world is currently navigating a global pandemic with COVID-19. With safety limitations and extra precautions in place to protect the most vulnerable, real estate showings are looking a lot different. We are so grateful that real estate is essential during this crisis, and you are there to serve others during this time in helping them purchase or sell their home. We want to help serve you! Here are two ideas to help you plan a virtual showing that will increase your connection to a buyer to convert the sale, and provide tools for your seller, to give them confidence that you have their full support.

Virtual Showings with Zoom + Matterport!

There are two ways that you can combine Zoom & Matterport to host Virtual Showings:

1. Live virtual face to face call with potential buyers

2. Pre-recorded voice over of 3D Matterport Virtual Tour

In order to do this, you will need to download Zoom on your desktop and create a profile []. Have the 3D Matterport URL link loaded in one of your internet browsers on your computer [STAVNE MEDIA offers 3D Matterport Tours].

Here are the steps written below:

1. Live virtual face to face call with potential buyers

->Schedule a meeting in zoom, provide potential client with Meeting ID and Password to the Meeting. When you schedule a meeting in Zoom, it will give you those details.

->Right before your scheduled meeting, open the Matterport URL in your internet browser.

->At the time of your meeting, open Zoom, start meeting, once you have connected with your potential buyer and you are ready to begin the home tour, you will select 'share screen' and select the internet browser with the Matterport Tour. For tips on navigating this tour, check out our video at:

->Select 'Stop Sharing Screen' and conclude your call.

2. Pre-recorded voice over of 3D Matterport Virtual Tour

->Open your internet browser to the Matterport URL.

->Open Zoom, click 'Start Meeting', make sure that you have unchecked 'Stop Video' so that you can see yourself.

->Click 'Record

->Begin your introduction and when you are ready to show the house, select 'Share Screen', select the internet browser with the Matterport Tour.

->Select 'Explore 3D Space', wait until it is loaded and brings you to a room in the home. Click 'Play' and as the animated tour begins of the entire house, you can use your mouse to highlight different features of the home.

->When you are done the tour, select 'Stop Sharing Screen', conclude your video and click 'Stop Recording'.

->Select Leave Meeting and you will see an .mp4 video in a Zoom folder in your Documents Folder that you can easily upload to YouTube and share via YouTube across social media platforms and share the link in emails.

Please let us know if you need any support in this process! We would love to know if this helps you sell a home! Contact us at



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